Life is funny isn’t it? And challenging? And exhausting? And delightful? And confusing? We’re guessing you’re in the same boat as us, walking through each day looking for a little hope, encouragement and purpose. You’ve come to the right place.

You might need a little laugh. You’ll find that here. You might need to dig into the serious stuff, asking the hard questions. You’ll find that here too. The music and the conversation will carry you through the day. Bring the whole family. We’ll see you weekdays 6am-10am!


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About Steve:

My real last name is Sunshine. So it’s amazing that my wife Gaye was willing to marry me – since it made her name Gaye Sunshine. We have a teenage old daughter named Camille and a son named Meyer.

Camille loves theatre, classic literature and theology. (Yeah I don’t know how that happened.)
We adopted Meyer from Haiti in 2008. It took us three years and was, without a doubt, the biggest step of faith in our lives. He fits in great! He’s a total showman, song & dance man, and super speedy runner. He especially loves flag football & basketball.
I didn’t grow up in a Christian home and did not come to know Jesus until I was 30. My (future) wife played a huge part in my journey by patiently answering my questions.
Having been a cynical non-Christian in the past helps me to relate to people who have negative pre-conceived notions. I love being part of the SPIRIT 105.9 Family!

About Amy:

My husband is Lloyd.  And he probably had no idea what he was getting himself in to when he walked up and introduced himself to me at an Atlanta Braves Baseball game.  We’re both big baseball fans :))  Married and three kids later, here we are. . .I’m a mom to Quinn, Della and Maggie.  Things I’ve learned being married to Lloyd: Love is a decision, He is an incredible back-up alarm clock, I should “sleep on it” before taking on a hard conversations, He is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever known, often the things I think he should work on—is what I need to work on, Having a good marriage is more about being the right partner than having the right partner, I married the right person.

I think I was in 6th grade when my brother shared with me, some “Steps” to follow to be a Christian.  I had no idea the work God was beginning to orchestrate or that there was more to all of this than that of following a couple of steps.  When I was pregnant with Quinn, Lloyd and I found ourselves at a little church in Virginia that was willing to take on two newly married, scared and insecure, about to be new parents, “don’t know what they’re doing” young people.  I’m so grateful for the people that loved on us during that time—the slightest thing could have sent us into a spin we might not been able to stop.  But God used each person we encountered to hold us steady and grow us closer to Him.

Our family loves the outdoors!  Our favorite thing to do is travel around in our camper van.  Think, Cousin Eddie:)  Our least favorite thing to do is break down in our camper van. . . Which actually happened over the Christmas holiday.  Thank you to my dad who came to our rescue!

Thank you so much for spending your mornings and sharing your life with us.  We’re so incredibly grateful for your friendship.  ~Amy

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