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Hi Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful Easter filled with the reminder of God's amazing resurrection power. He is risen! What a glorious day.

Yesterday my kids were playing in the living room while I was sitting and taking an unexpected moment of relaxation watching them. Suddenly I saw a tiny black blur in the corner of my eye. Did you guess what it was? Yes, a house spider was sitting on the ottoman by my feet. Deep breath.

I don't really do bugs very well. Since having kids I've done them better because you are forced to do a lot of things you don't want to do when you have kids, but still, spiders. I just can't with their skittering around.

Anyway, spider on the ottoman. Not huge, but not small either. He was getting ready to run and I screamed "Spider, spider." Both my kids jumped into action. One grabbed a kleenex and the other jumped up and down.

Noah went first. He's five. He took the kleenex and laid it on top of the spider. As you can imagine, the spider had disappeared when it was picked back up. We tracked down the spider again and this time Ellie took a stab at it. She tried a squishing motion, but still that spider slipped away. Now it was just taunting us.

We tore off the cushion of the chair. It was me or the spider. I took the kleenex box and squish. Ellie and Noah started dancing around the room, patting me on the back and saying, "Wow, mommy, you were so brave. You did it. Good job, mommy!"

This is a silly story of just a small spider and it FELT SO GOOD to hear "Good job." Who in your life, where in your life needs to hear that? Will you seek it out today and be that voice that lifts their spirits? Sometimes just the recognition of your small bravery in the everyday goes a long way.

Friends, I hope you've found our community on Facebook. You can get daily verses, devotions and words of encouragement and lots of fun sprinkled into your timeline. Join us!

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