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For King & Country Take Over SXSW
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We’ve had some really great months lately, especially when it pertains to For King & Country. First, we had them blow fans away at SPIRIT Fest. Then, we spent our Valentine’s Day with them at the San Antonio Rodeo. Most recently, we got to spend SXSW with them during St. Patrick’s Day.

The band was set to play on West 6th Street to a newer audience featuring some that may have never heard their music before. It was exciting and definitely encompassed what ministry is all about. As we arrived to the venue, we were immediately greeted by Joel Smallbone. He ushered us to the back to say hello to Luke as well. They had both just flown in from Nashville only hours before the show. While we greeted the rest of the band, we noticed one member lying on the grass with his arm over his eyes. He looked miserable. Joel explained that Ben had arrived to Austin with food poisoning. In fact, he had vomited about 10 times since their plane had landed. We felt horrible for the guy and offered any help we could give before their set.

After a glass of ginger ale, he stood up and headed to the stage. You would have never thought he was sick at all. It was quite incredible to watch him perform as if nothing phased him. During the band’s set several people were singing along and clapping. And, of course, Joel found something to climb on. It seems to be his trademark. As For King & Country wrapped up to prepare for meet and greets, Ben headed back to lay on the grass and various band members went to help him.

A special group of fans were permitted backstage to take photos with the brothers and as that line trickled down, both Joel and Luke went towards the front for selfies with those that weren’t granted special access. That’s something that we’ve found makes the band so special. They love connecting one-on-one with people. We think it’s safe to say they made some new fans at SXSW and there’s no doubt that they made an even bigger impact.

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