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How an Unlikely Meeting Led to an Incredible Music Discovery
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He caught my eye walking around the venue and chatting along the way. His eyes were a piercing blue and he was dressed stylishly like many of the musicians at SXSW. I didn’t recognize him but he seemed to know a lot of the people I was hoping to connect with at the music conference. After a few short minutes of people watching, the band entered the stage and began to play. My attention was diverted.

The next day, I began my journey to west 6th Street to meet up with For King & Country for their SXSW debut. After arriving, my co-worker and I quickly spotted Joel Smallbone and were admitted backstage to visit with the band. There he was again, scattered throughout the many For King & Country band members, talking with them—this guy I had seen the day before. With him was a man with long hair and a pretty woman with the same piercing blue eyes. I proceeded to introduce myself. Clearly, we ran in the same crowds and knowing him could be beneficial. He name was Jason Castro and if that rings a bell, it’s because he was a contestant from American Idol, season 7 in 2008. While I personally didn’t catch the season, my co-worker, Lisa, did. It took her a moment to realize who we were conversing with as Jason looked quite different. He had been known for long dreads and now, with much shorter hair, he carried a new look with him.

Along with him were his brother and sister Michael and Jackie. The siblings had formed a band by the name of Castro and were performing the next day. As we continued to visit with one another I learned that they were local Texans from Dallas. The siblings were raised in the church and often joined their father in leading worship. Now they were playing various music festivals together. 

While I didn’t catch their show the following day, I did hear a clip of their live performance. Their harmonies meld together so perfectly in a way only musically talented siblings are able to do. So, if you’re looking for new music with incredible vocals and encouraging words, look no further than Castro.

That’s the beauty of the SXSW conference, you never know who you will meet. It brings together so many talented musicians from various walks of life. We were so honored to get to attend the Music conference and hope to find many more artists that are spreading light across the nation in the years to come. 

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    Jillian Pedersen is a mom to a sweet toddler named Selah. Jillian loves to share her heart with new moms and encourage women in all stages.She is also the creator of Christian music news aggregate "The Setlist" and contributes to The Huffington Post.

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