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Difference Maker: Bertin
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In many instances life can knock on our door with a new challenge to face. These obstacles can vary from minor inconveniences to major predicaments. However, it’s these challenges that help shape our character and how we tackle them head on. Our newest Difference Maker, Bertin, is no stranger to persevering through the tough times. In fact, his nominator, Ashley highlighted some of the ways Bertin has had a steadfast persistence which stood out to us.

“Bertin has had his fair share of struggles in life, but he has never let anything bring him down or get in the way of helping others,” Ashley says.

At a very young age, Bertin came to Texas and received his citizenship. He became a cable technician, and soon found a passion for his work. Although that job had several layoffs and the new job search was a bit challenging, it didn’t stop Bertin from holding his head high and supporting his family no matter what. Friends who know Bertin know he has an overflowing heart of selflessness. He always tends to other’s needs physically, financially or with just a few kind words of encouragement or wisdom. 

People like Bertin are so encouraging, and set an example of great determination through difficult times. Join us in congratulating Bertin! 


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