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That One Time Jonny Diaz Got LASIK
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"Just Breathe" singer, Jonny Diaz, recently went from talking about his lungs to talking about his eyes on social media. His journey towards 20/20 vision wasn't as picture perfect as we had previously thought. The healing process isn't exactly attractive. 

Diaz wrote: " Thanks for all the prayers, guys. LASIK surgery went well. Sure, I 👀 like I lost a fight...but you should see what I did to the Dr 😜. Pretty astounding that burning away parts of your eye with a laser can fix your vision! Things are still a bit smokey in my right eye, but that's normal. I now have 20/20 in one eye and a little better than 20/20 in the other!"

Pretty exciting for the budding singer. We know his new vision will mean more songs and amazing performances to come. Until then, if you can get past the red spots, you'll notice Diaz has really pretty eyes. A great hazel. 

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