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We've created an easy way for you to share prayer requests and pray for others. Take a moment to browse through the request topics below and click through to pray for individual requests.

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We at SPIRIT 105.9 consider it a privilege and honor to pray for and with our listeners.  Please note that prayer requests do not get posted immediately.  All prayer requests are subject to review.  We prayerfully reserve the right to edit or remove requests due to excessive length or inappropriate content.

Addictions Comfort/Grief Depression, Anxiety, etc.
Family Issues Finances/Job God's Will
Healing Relationships Salvation


  1. Prayer - Addictions

    Erin W said "Please join me in prayer for my only daughter. She is a beautiful, intelligent and talented young lady that has lost her way. Since meeting her current boyfriend, she has lost interest in ev..." More
  2. Prayer - Addictions

    Cris2735 said "From a mother's broken heart, I come to you and humbly ask for your prayers.
    My son Chase is almost 24 and he is so lost. He is leaning on alcohol heavy smoking and substances to cope ..."
  1. Prayer - Comfort/Grief

    CynthiaA_7531 said "Please pray for the Parents and Loss Holiday Gathering set for Friday Dec. 11, 2015 in Burnet, TX. Pray that God's Will be done and people that need this fellowship come and attend, their w..." More
  2. Prayer - Comfort/Grief

    ElizabethG_9508 said "Praying for peace and comfort. My mother was a devoted Christian. October 12th was 9 yrs she has been gone. She passed away 1 month before my son, Adan, was born. I see certain traits and ..." More
  1. Prayer - Depression, Anxiety, etc.

    kristoferp said "I have been depressed for many years now.I have always had mental problems, social problems, and other challenging circumstances in my life. I always had problems talking with the opposite s..." More
  2. Prayer - Depression, Anxiety, etc.

    NataliaM said "Asking for prayers. Not sure where to start but I do apologize if its a long comment. My anxiety level has gone through the roof, some good reasons some bad reasons. I have started LVN sc..." More
  1. Prayer - Family Issues

    LoriC_8545 said "Hello I would like you all to keep my sister in law in prayer. Her name is Janet, she had a mammogram done this week and they found a lump and she needs to have a lumpectomy done next tuesda..." More
  2. Prayer - Family Issues

    JennaR said "In the name of Jesus I ask friends please pray for my mom she got diagnosed 2 months ago of cancer in her uterus I ask that y'all pray for her and that she beats this,my mom will have surg..." More
  1. Prayer - Finances/Job

    MarianneG108 said "Please God help my husband at his new job, let him have a contract soon and everything go smooth. Please sent a great part time job to me too. Let peace, health and abundance flow to our fam..." More
  2. Prayer - Finances/Job

    Amanda1979 said "Hi Shelly

    I myself am a single mother and recently I was in a situation just like you but with God's faith I received a second part time job. I have seven children and i work now..."
  1. Prayer - God's Will

    MicheleB_7345 said "I am praying for God's will in my sons life. His poor choices have landed him in jail once again facing serious charges. I want to support him, but I cannot let him to continue to destroy ..." More
  2. Prayer - God's Will

    CynthiaA_7531 said "Please pray for the Parents and Loss Holiday Gathering set for Friday Dec. 11, 2015 in Burnet, TX. Pray that God's Will be done and people that need this fellowship come and attend, their w..." More
  1. Prayer - Healing

    MariaR_3582 said "We need prayer, my husband and I for healing in our bodies and for healing in my daughters mind. We are looking for health insurance and looking for a cure. Please pray for us and thank you ..." More
  2. Prayer - Healing

    JeanneM_6196 said "My Grandson asked me to share this with Spirit 105.9 and all their listeners. You can follow his progress at "The Amazing Andrew Jeffrey Jones" facebook page.

    It is with a heavy ..."
  1. Prayer - Relationships

    MIkeM_7863 said "Dear Lord, I pray that I can find some peace within my body, soul, and heart. I constantly feel lonely and unproductive. I want to have the ability to make some close friendships with s..." More
  2. Prayer - Relationships

    AmberB said "Hello everyone... update for prayer warriors on my situation. 11 mths of separation & husband blocking contact. 11 mths of God promising to create a miracle out of my husband & our marriage...." More
  1. Prayer - Salvation

    LiT said "My daughters, Marie & Nicole are on a destructive path full of rebellion & doing things that put them in harm's way. They were raised in a Christian home & accepted Christ as their Savior wh..." More
  2. Prayer - Salvation

    AlfredB said "Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his salvation. Eric needs deep inter healing. Pray that God will tear down all the strong holds in his life. Please pray God will heal the memo..." More
  • We were playing outside with our kids last weekend and my son was blowing a bubble. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, a few clouds in the sky and just a nice, subtle breeze. The kids were in shorts, running around laughing and when they stopped to blow bubbles, my son said, “Let’s blow some bubbles up to heaven for Jesus. I know he will love this. He wants to pop some. He’ll laugh.”
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