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Would you agree that the general media is not paying enough attention to those in our communities who do the hard work to serve others? We agree! SPIRIT 105.9 would like to spotlight those who do the heavy lifting day in and day out to serve others. We are looking for individuals in every facet of our communities who have distinguished themselves with their professionalism and faithful service to others. Do you know someone? Who is the dedicated, dependable, service-driven individual that comes to mind? Please share this individuals story so that we may pay tribute to them. Let's share the SPIRIT of Austin together and salute the difference makers in our lives!

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Difference Maker Hall of Fame

  • We were playing outside with our kids last weekend and my son was blowing a bubble. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, a few clouds in the sky and just a nice, subtle breeze. The kids were in shorts, running around laughing and when they stopped to blow bubbles, my son said, “Let’s blow some bubbles up to heaven for Jesus. I know he will love this. He wants to pop some. He’ll laugh.”