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The Secret Sound is on vacation for a couple of weeks so that we can enjoy the SPIRIT of Giving in our community!


How would you like to win $500 for you and your family and another $500 to share with someone you know or an organization that you love? This is called the SPIRIT of Giving and you can be a part of the SPIRIT of Giving twice each week day.

Sign up here and share it with many of your friends! Then listen to SPIRIT 105.9 at 7:10am and 3:25pm weekdays for your name to be announced!

It’s so easy and it’s a great way to help someone who needs it the most!

  • Last night's rains have left their mark on Central Texas. Many schools have announced delays and Bastrop has issued evacuations. KXAN reports that flooding will be devestating in these areas. Please read below to keep your family safe. 
Stay tuned for more exciting Contests coming soon!