B413 No Filter Tour
Life Austin
  • May 05
  • 7:00 PM
  • All Ages
  • Starting at $15

In many cultures the age of 13 is a celebrated moment in time, that childhood is no more and the child is prepared for the future. Modern research indicates that what a person believes is locked in by age 13. We want to reclaim the value of age 13 in America! We believe that it is important for a child to have established an unshakable foundation of faith before 13.

The creation of No Filter 2017 where kids can bring their parents to a one evening event with Christian music’s top artists, a world class illusionist, interactive video, and the nations top communicators for the family. We hope to help equip families to set the course of their kid’s entire life before 13.

The hit music of Blanca, Tauren Wells, Rapture Ruckus with mind blowing illusions from master illusionist Brock Gill, inspiring teaching of Dannah Gresh all woven together into an interactive video experience.

Buy tickets here. VIP tickets are $30 and general admission are $15.


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  • We were playing outside with our kids last weekend and my son was blowing a bubble. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, a few clouds in the sky and just a nice, subtle breeze. The kids were in shorts, running around laughing and when they stopped to blow bubbles, my son said, “Let’s blow some bubbles up to heaven for Jesus. I know he will love this. He wants to pop some. He’ll laugh.”