Afternoons With Donna Cruz

Steve and Amy in the Morning

About 10 years ago I left mainstream radio in Minneapolis to begin a new chapter in my career in ministry radio.

I have worked in rock and top 40 radio plus was an entertainment reporter and even took a spot on the set of VH1’s Rock Across America.

Though Texas has always been "home" I was born in California, then moved to Maine, Montana, then Canada, (Yes, Dad was in the military!) Texas, New York, back to Texas, Germany, back to Texas, (see a pattern here?), then to Minnesota, South Florida, Nashville and now, back to Texas.


  • The Big Chief

    The Big Chief notebook. If you grew up in Texas it was on the list. It had it’s own scent. All those fresh crisp pages and the endless possibilities of the words and pictures that would fill it up to the last page by the end of the school year. Read More