Afternoons with Donna Cruz

Steve and Amy in the Morning

I am a mom of three grown children and have two little one’s living with me at home and that makes for a very FULL life!

I moved to Austin in 2012 and fell in love with the city right away. Growing up in San Antonio it was great to move so close to home after years living in Nashville.

I began my radio/TV career in 1989.

I’d never really planned on being in radio. I was supposed to be a mechanical engineer but God had a WAY different plan!

Top 40 and rock radio is where I spent the first 13 years. Plus I’ve had the fun opportunities to be an entertainment reporter for NBC in San Antonio as well as work on the set of VH1’s Rock Across America.

God put the tug on my heart to switch to ministry radio in 2002. So I began a new adventure!

One of my biggest dreams was to be able to be a part of a homeless ministry. I couldn’t find one that was accomplishing certain needs so I founded my own: People Loving People. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sustain it long distance from Nashville.

I’d love to hear about the dream that God has put in YOUR heart!

My life verse is Philippian’s 4:6…because, yes, I worry. I get anxious and I need that reminder!


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