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Listen to Win Reserved SPIRIT Fest Tickets All Week!

Listen to Win Reserved SPIRIT Fest Tickets All Week!

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The Shine Women's Conference is Back!

The Shine Women's Conference is Back!

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Join Us in Cheering On Our Game of the Week!

Join Us in Cheering On Our Game of the Week!

This week's game is Westlake vs Bowie

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I’ve seen it online numerous times - a debate that simply eludes me… natural birth vs. c-section. C-sections have been seen as the easy way out, a strategy to cheat. Some have even gone so far as to accuse these mamas as being lazy and weak. Well, I’m here to advocate for all of you c-section divas! Let me start by saying that no matter which way you choose to have your baby, I fully support you. You know what’s best for you and your little one. You are strong, beautiful and brave! You have grown a miracle inside of your very own body. Now that is something admirable,...

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This post originally appeared on Faith Filled Food for Moms. 24/7 we go around being mistake makers, don’t we?!  I don’t mean big huge messy mistakes, but just little ones along the way.  Day in and day out.  We forget to  wash junior's favorite shirt and he cries.  Maybe we went to the store to pick up a very important certain something and come home with everything BUT the item we went for. We simply can’t take life too terribly serious. After all, Moms are only human.  Mothers have a BIG job.  We wear so many hats that sometimes we...
Recently I wanted to get back on track with cooking healthy(er) and, in the name of accountability, committed to sharing what I’ve been serving my family every night this month.  Plus, don’t you just love peeking into other peoples’ homes?  Well, here we go!  {Read more about the idea behind my September Re-Set and see how I did during week 1, week 2, and week 3.} Fall has officially arrived, and with the earlier setting of the sun comes a marked decrease in the quality of my dinnertime photos.  So sorry! But along with the chill in the air comes the...
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